The Club



  • President: Brad Grant
  • Vice President: Ben McCarthy
  • Secretary: Amy Hinchliffe
  • Treasurer: Paula Hudson-Smith
  • Football Manager: Daniel Smith
  • Members: Amy Hinchliffe, Matthew Azzollini, Ben McCarthy, Ben Stewart, Brad Grant, Brent Fairhead, Connor Kahlenberg, Daniel Smith, Isaac Towne, Leigh Moore, Mark Jones, Matt Grose, Nate Vidovich, Paula Hudson-Smith & Ryan Hinchliffe.

Coaching Staff

  • A Grade: Ben Taggart
  • A Reserve: Luke Ferris
  • A Colts: Tim Basile
  • D1 Grade:  David John
  • D1 Reserve: Ben McCarthy
  • E2 Grade: Ryan Hinchliffe
  • D Colts: Nathan Botting
  • AA Gold: Shawn Baker
  • AA Green: Andrew McCarrey

Support Staff

  • Bar Manager: Kevin Porter
  • Trainers: FCBC is proud to have the support of several chiropractors and physiotherapists in our medical team.