The 70's and 80's

Fremantle CBC maintained its’ A grade status throughout the 1970’s despite a distinct lack of finals appearances an no premierships to show for all the hard work and effort on and off the track.

This decade did however unearth a host of individuals who would become household names not only in their own right, but for future generations to come. The likes of the 3 Cattalini brothers would all pass the 250 games milestone: Jack would finish his career on a mere 267, with Peter passing 300 and Mario racking up an unbelievable 356 games before his playing days were over, This ranks him second on the all-time games list behind Tom Naylor. Legend has it they stopped counting Tom’s games after 500!!!
Tom Naylor continued his reign as President into a 3 decade (16 years straight), with the likes of Bill Cromarty, Ernie Godwin, Cliff Anderson, Marty Lowry, Ross Reed all having an impact on and off the field, names which are still prominent around our club to this day.

While on field success was not a feature of the 70’s the club continued to expend from the 2 senior sides and one colts team which finished of the 60’s in fine style. A third senior side was added in the 1972 season and by 1979, in conjunction with South Fremantle a second colts side was also playing in the famous green and gold of Fremantle CBC.

The club started the 80’s in much the same manner as much of the previous decade with the 3 senior sides holding their own but not having an impact at the business end of the season; however after a decade and a half with little or no success it was the colts who would turn the clubs fortunes around and lead Fremantle CBC back to the Premiership dais. It all started with the late, great Jimmy Myers leads his bunch of young tyro’s to victory in the B colts 1982 decider, “Jimmy’s Boys” as they were affectionately known loved their little master and he loved them in return. The boys would go on to repeat the dose in 1987 and with the spare South Fremantle colts forming a CBC team in 1988 we had collected 3 Premierships in 7 short years, one more than the previous 50 years of our existence had accomplished.

Despite the premiership success there was a dearth of young players in the Fremantle area and the club struggled to field a colts side for much of the decade, many of our stars of the 60’s & 70’s had relocated to the so called “outer” suburbs of Kardinya, Samson and Bibra Lake. The club was desperate for young blood and meetings were held with our arch enemy North Fremantle about the future of both clubs in such a small geographical area, one thing we both agreed upon, we wouldn’t cross the swan to join them and they wouldn’t relocate to Fremantle Park. The idea was dead!!!

The success of the colts team of the 80’s did however whet the appetite of the young brigade for more Premierships with modern day great such as Joe Lawrence leading the way.